About Content Moderation

Content moderation is a convenient service that employs moderators to review and edit, approve, or reject contents before it is published.If media and user generated contents could become contentious or contain sensitive information, a moderator’s responsibility is to analyze the questionable posts before they can be published for other users to see.

Abuse reporting features can be employed which allows users to notify a moderator about a certain piece of content that might be potentially inappropriate by clicking the report abuse link. This is a helpful process that makes moderation more effective in monitoring and controlling the accumulating data and activities within the website.

The process of content moderation involves real time monitoring of website activities to scan for contents that can be against user guidelines. Moderation guidelines are directly related to the set terms of use by a website. The efficiency of moderation is improved by the moderator’s quick decision making, problem solving skills and critical judgment/reasoning.

In general, the contents may refer to different varieties, including discussions, documents, private messages, blog posts, and announcements. Inappropriate documents may also pertain to images, videos and text that go against religion, culture, race, etc. They are harmful for both users and the website itself since they can cause heated debates and explicit arguments that can be unsuitable for the rest of the audience.

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